About Us

Afro Tsentle, founded by Penny Lechela, is a personalized lifestyle brand that assists individuals who like us, know that beauty is a concept that can only be defined by you, for yourself!

We pride ourselves in helping individuals accentuate their uniqueness and apply their own version of beauty  in their everyday lives. Our organic hair products are made specifically to assist you in tackling the frustrations that come with maintaining natural hair and making it stand out.

Your hair won’t be the only thing that’s making a statement as we have beautiful, catchy and relatable slogan tees that put emphasis on the message glinting in your hair!

We intend to assist you to always make a statement! With our unique crafty accessories, you won’t only turn heads, your impeccable fashion taste will be the talk of town!

Be bold, let your hair take up space and allow your tees to make a statement for you.

Don’t deny the world a taste of your uniqueness!