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Kaolin Clay, also called China Clay, is widely used in the cosmetic industry. Kaolin Clay has the lowest pH and has the gentlest cleansing action among all clays. It is not irritating to the skin, so it is suitable for use on sensitive skin.

It gently removes impurities from both skin and hair, without stripping natural oils, and is ideal for people with dry skin. Its absorptive capacity is not significant. However, if you have dry hair, this clay won’t rob your hair of much-needed moisture.

Benefits for Hair

This clay gently cleanses hair and scalp, without excessive drying. It stimulates blood circulation and gently exfoliates the scalp while cleansing. Kaolin clay strengthens hair, improves elasticity, and helps repair damaged hair. It soothes the scalp, helps treat dandruff, and encourages hair growth.

Directions of use:

Mix 1 tablespoon of Kaolin Clay with 1 tablespoon of water. Apply evenly to face and neck, avoiding eyes and other sensitive areas. Allow 15-20 minutes to dry, then rinse with warm water, pat area dry and apply moisturizer immediately after.

For external use only.